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On the regular I am a shower gel kind of gal. Not for any reason in particular it just seems to be what I gravitate towards! I have my favourites, and I tend to get stuck in a routine with things! When I was younger though I use to always use bar soap, and I really did like it except I did find it was hard to find one that didn’t completely dry your skin out. Well, these beauties from Scenterra Soap definitely do not dry you out, in fact I have found them to be very moisturizing, and I’ve enjoyed going back to an old routine with these bar soaps!

The lovely Madi from Scenterra Soaps sent me these two bars and I’ve been loooooooving them. Firstly because they smell amazing, I have the ground and the awaken, the ground smells ofΒ mint, and the awaken smells of lavender and sage and basically like the most amazing spa ever. They are very moisturizing to the skin and are completely toxin free. Winner winner!

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Ground: I think this one is my personal favourite of the two, mint is one of my all time favourite scents and when you use this one it has little bits in it that act as an exfoliant. Plus it looks beautiful sitting on the edge of your bath!

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Awaken: I think we can all just agree this little buddha is very adorable! I love how this one smells as well, and I’ve been using it a lot on my legs before shaving and it has been working amazing for that.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Click here to learn more about Madi and all her soaps that are good for you and the earth! She has 5 adorable soaps to choose from, and I may just have to try a couple more when I am through with these two!

Let’s chat in the comments about what some of your favourite toxin free beauty products are! And also, are you a bar soap or shower gel person? Tell me, because I’m nosey. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading, guys!

soaps c/o: Scenterra Soaps


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