Travelling With Little Ones

Now I am not expert, so take this blog post with that in mind!

Adam and I have always loved travelling, it has always been a big part of our relationship, so it’s of course something we still want to continue with little Grey. The first time we flew with Greyson I was NERVOUS, what if he screams the whole flight, what if has an accident if you know what I mean…


what if other people on the flight get mad at me because he’s crying. I have a seriously bad case of wanting to please everyone, so the thought of making anyone mad even people I don’t know terrifies me. Now he’s only 6 months old (almost) but tomorrow we will be going on our 7th flight with him, so we are gaining a little experience! I thought I’d share with you all my tips (so far) on flying with little ones, and also leave the comments open for you to share your advice with us!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetTravelling with a baby:

Baby wearing! Is amazing. The first time we flew we used our Solly Baby Wrap, and this last time we used a carrier that a friend lent us. It makes it soooo much nicer to have your hands free to carry your bag, passport, ticket, and starbucks…duh πŸ˜‰

Make sure you have an extra outfit, as always!

Tell the airline company before hand that you are coming with a baby, it is free to fly with them until they are 2 however, they do still need their own boarding passes. It’s also nice to ask any questions about rules regarding stuff like bringing bottles on the plane etc.

Bring a variety of things to entertain them on the plane. We always have brought 3 or 4 different toys so if one seems to not be doing the trick anymore you can switch it up!

Try to feed your baby as you are taking off and landing. Whether that’s nursing or bottles, the sucking motion helps their little ears from hurting too bad!

If you are travelling with another adult, make sure you take turns holding your baby so they get to move around a little, and you can have a small break if things aren’t going so well. Lean on one another!

Try not to get too stressed if they do cry a little. I know, it is really annoying to others around you, especially people who aren’t really crazy about babies! Which is totally fine, it’s not for everyone! But, if you get stressed it can make everything feel way worse, and babies pick up on your stress! Our last flight Grey did really well, but there was about five-ten minutes where he was fussing pretty bad, and the woman in front was giving me all the death glares and I got so stressed! However it wasn’t until I relaxed that I was able to comfort him. So, just do your best! A crying baby does not equal bad parenting. Sometimes babies cry.

Be at your gate as early as you can, they usually let you board the plane first if you have a baby so you have the extra time to set up! Take that time!

What are your guys thoughts on travelling with your baby? What have your found that works, and doesn’t work? Lets chat in the comments, us moms need to be here for each other!

Also, sorry to any non-baby people that get annoyed on these flights. I totally feel you, and I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I think we are all just trying to do our best while still doing fun things like travelling with our little guys!

Thanks for reading as always!



One thought on “Travelling With Little Ones

  1. Bianka

    Hey! I loved this post! Thanks for all the great tips! I flew by myself with Dominic to Kelowna (very short flight from the YEG) and I was still nursing at the time so he basically nursed/slept the whole time! Now that he is walking and waaay more active then this summer I am not sure how flying would be! He is GREAT in the car though! So if driving is an option we would probably drive lol!


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