Why I Failed “Vlogmas”


If you follow me on YouTube then you probably have noticed that my vlogging everyday of December, better known as “Vlogmas” was a complete fail. Oops! I really had high expectations of myself, but then our house got hit with the dreaded winter cold, and taking care of our baby and our own colds were obviously more important! I did film a couple days while feeling not my best, but let’s be honest how much footage of us laying around our house can one person put out? I also really didn’t want to just force myself to do stuff just for the sake of the vlog, and that is kind of where I want this post to go… I want to explain where my hopes are for my blog and channel, and also let you know a little more about me in the process. So, if you are interested in the mess of thoughts about to pop out of my little brain keep reading, if you’re not no worries. πŸ™‚

What I love so much about other bloggers and youtubers is obviously the content they share, but mainly the reliability. I am never going to be able to relate to someone like Kylie Jenner who looks perfect 100% of the time and lives this insane lifestyle. Good for her of course, but that just will never be something I can relate to! With bloggers though, you totally can. Especially when they’re being real with you, and that’s what I aim to be!

img_2294I know there aren’t that many people reading or watching me, but there are some of you, and I appreciate you all! This type of stuff scares the crap out of me, but it’s also something I am so interested in and passionate about. So that is why I chose to not continue my Vlogmas when we were just not all feeling our best, not because I was afraid of not looking great on camera or anything like that, just because it was straight up boring-ville around the O’Brien home this last week! A lot of tea and naps, and then more tea and then more naps. I never want to do something that makes my life seem more exiting then it is, like look at what an amazing festive day we’re having, meanwhile we are miserable and ill.

My goal is for this place to be a positive one, where everyone is welcome. Another thing about blogger and youtubers is that they can be a happy place to escape when you are having a stressful day, you can watch someone for 10-15 minutes and have a mental break from what you are dealing with and maybe lighten your mood. So I hope to share content with you that gives that same feeling! Whether it’s about make-up, clothes, or just some silly newbie mom moment I’m having. Β That being said I also am not open to share some real realness with you guys too, if you’re interested. Like how Β sometimes I lay awake the whole night because my heart is so anxious about the tiniest thing, and it’s sooo exhausting (and annoying!) Or how I admire people who have perfect instagram feeds, but sometimes I just want to post a photo of me and my bestie because that person brings me joy not because it’s the perfect “instagram worthy” shot. You feel me? This is a lot of thoughts for one post…so I hope this is making sense.

I guess what I am feeling and trying to express to you, is that this is mainly a style and beauty blog, but my main goal is just to bring positivity to you. Whether there is 20 or 200 of you, let’s just make this a positive and real space. And I promise to only share things I love or feel like sharing, I don’t want to ever do something that isn’t me just to make it look like all my days are super fun and amazing! I knowΒ I have a good life, but yesterday Greyson projectile vomited on me twice and then screamed for 45 minutes when it was bed time. So very glamourous. πŸ˜‰

Thank you if you read my blog or watch my videos, every view, every comment, they truly make my day. You are all the best! (especially for getting through this random post)

turtleneck: Gap | jeans: Aritzia | coat: Burberry | sneakers: AdidasΒ 

thanks to @natassjayorkephotgraphy for the snaps


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