Wearing This Week | Rompers in the Desert

Hey, guys! Hope you are all doing well. Adam, Greyson, Jewels and I are still loving the vacation life in Phoenix. We have just under a week left, and still making the most of this sunshine while we can! (although I am a winter person, I am a little excited to get home to the snow)

I have been inspired by all the amazing look books on Youtube to start a new series on my blog and youtube channel called “Wearing This Week” where I will show you two outfits I am loving/wearing each week. On the blog it will obviously be written out and shared in photo form, and then on my youtube channel I will briefly chat everything I wore in each outfit and where it was purchased, and then finished off with a mini look book of the outfits. I am going to aim to do it every week, or possibly every other week. We will just see how it goes! Thought it would be a fun way to share a bit of my week and my personal style. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

With that being said, lets get into this weeks look! Now normally I plan to put outfits together that are seasonally appropriate, and since I live in Canada seasonally appropriate would mean layers layers layers at the moment! However we are in the desert where it’s still very hot, annnnnd I was very pregnant all summer so I kind of missed out on summer fashion this year. So, this weeks outfits are definitely just desert/warm vacation themed, but next week they will be looking much more like the true canadian winter girl that I am.

Outfit One:



How amazing is this romper from Zara?! I absolutely love the cut out detail in the back, and the fact that it looks like a dress from the front and romper from the back. I was so sad having this hang in my closet all summer with Greyson being the big baby bump he was at the time. So, time to rock it now! …or you know for another week before I return to the winter wonderland I call home. πŸ˜‰

Romper: Zara | Sunniess: Ray Ban | Choker: Pink Blush | Phonecase: Urban Outfitters

Outfit Two:




I am the latest in the world to the overalls/dungaree trend. BUT I DONT CARE. πŸ™‚ I picked these shorts overalls up from Forever 21 and I have been loving them this whole trip. Just a bit of a different twist on plain shorts and a tee.

Shorts Overalls: Forver 21 | White Tee: American Apparel | Choker: Pink Blush | Shoes: Converse

I hope you all liked this post! I kind of want the idea to be short quick weekly outfit inspo, so I hope that’s what it will be able to provide! If you want to see me chat about these outfits, and the look book the video is down below. Thank you for reading!

(all the photos were shot outside our room at the Arabella Hotel Sedona, if you are ever staying in that area definitely check them out!)


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