Zara Haul+ My First YouTube

Hey, guys! Today is a very exciting day for With Stripes because 1. I have a Zara haul to share with you and 2. I uploaded my very fist YouTube video! So you are going to be able to see all these photos of the clothes here, and then click on the video on the bottom to hear me ramble on about it all! A little while back I mentioned how I would looooove to make videos but was much too nervous, well today I decided I am not going to be nervous anymore…or I am, but I am working through it anyway. If you enjoy reading my blog it would mean a lot to me for you to check out my video and like and subscribe to my new channel! Thank you for all the support, lets get on with the haul!

My first item it this top (similar)! I really like it a lot, its striped…what a surprise πŸ˜‰ but I like it because of the different shape of the sleeve, I didn’t feel like I had anything like this in my closet so I am looking forward to wearing it.

This top (similar)also has a bit of a different sleeve with the little ruffles. I have never owned anything with ruffles…well maybe since I was a baby. However I actually have two items in this haul that have ruffles, so I guess they’r making Β comeback!

I am obsessed with this sweater (similar)! I never buy anything in this type of colour, but I already love it so much! It is super soft, looks great with denim, and I plan on wearing it all autumn/winter long. Also the red makes it good for Christmas time too!

Here is my second ruffled item! This sweatshirt dress (similar) is awesome. It is super comfortable so you literally feel like you’re in your pyjamas but you look good enough to go out in public. Unless you’re cool with just being out in actual pyjamas…no judgement from me. Comfy clothes for life.

This pink bomber was another kind of unexpected item for me! I don’t know if I own anything else pink now that I think about it…but I thought this would be good because I wear so much black, grey, and white that this could be my splash of colour to throw over the top.

This sweater (similar) is probably no surprise to any of you… its baggy, its striped, it was obviously coming home with me.

Lastly I picked up two pairs of jeans as well! One more plain and one with some rips and fringing on the bottom. Love them both, already getting lots of wear from both pairs!

I hope you liked all these pictures taken by @natassjayorkephotography from my trip to Zara, if you want to hear some more about these items here is my YouTube video. πŸ™‚


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