“Non-Maternity” Maternity Style | Old Navy

Well I am almost 36 weeks pregnant, and I have to say getting dressed this summer has been interesting for me! For some reason in my head whenever I imagined being pregnant I imagined it being in the winter time (I have no idea why) so I pictured being able to wear leggings and big cozy sweaters over this bump! However, the weather is really quite the opposite of sweater weather right now! It’s been at least +23 or over everyday, hot hot hot!

While I did purchase a couple pairs of maternity jeans and shorts, and as well a lovely friend of mine did lend me a few of her maternity items, there really wasn’t that much maternity clothing I truly loved or felt good in. I didn’t want to go out and spend money on a whole new wardrobe just to wear while being pregnant, but I also did want to have a small selection of clothes that I felt confident in, and felt myself in. So I have just chosen to shop regular clothing for the most part, and just choosing pieces in a size that me and this baby boy can both fit in together.

One of my favourite purchases is this striped dress I recently bought from Old Navy. It’s super comfy and loose fitting, so it feels AMAZING on these hot summer days. I did find this in the regular section of Old Navy, although I do know they do have a maternity section as well. This dress is awesome, super affordable, and is going to be one of my “OOTD’s” on repeat for the next 4 weeks or so till our little guy arrives!




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