For The Girl Who Hates Washing Her Hair

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I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I have been seeing ladies rock these slicked back buns alllll over Instagram lately. And to be honest, I love it, which is weird because I usually prefer a messy hair look!

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The other day when hanging with my mom and sister I was rocking my usual high messy pony tail , which is what I always go for when my hair is not the cleanest, or just most days because #momlife, amirite? Anyways we were just having a chill day and I decided I wanted to test it out, because then if I hated it I didn’t have anywhere I had to go that day. ย To my surprise I really liked it, even went away from my side part and tried a middle part as well.

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To achieve this look I basically just combed my hair as flat as I possibly could and then applied every product possible…but like, seriously. Your hair feels DISGUSTING because a lot of gel and hair spray is required, however if your hair is already feeling a bit dirty or greasy anyways, who cares! Roll with it, make it dirtier, and have an on trend hair do! It doesn’t get better then that! I feel like this hair style is very sleek and chic so I personally like the contrast of wearing it with super casual clothing. I have seen a lot of people rocking the track suit looks with their hair like this, or an over sized sweat shirt and I am showing here. It would of course look good for a night out, or a more professional outfit as well.

So, basically if you hate washing your hair. Which is most girls I know! Try this out, I am thinking this is going to be my go to this summer. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, thank you if you are one of the people reading along! And sorry for my silence online lately. Life has been busy, and I have been dealing with some struggles of what I feel like sharing and keeping private online. But, I love this space and appreciate all of you who are here along with me.

sweatshirt: ilycouture


My Jacket Wardrobe | Simplifying Series

Now, I don’t really know what is considered a big jacket wardrobe… I have a feeling some of you will think this is a small and simplified jacket collection, and some of you will think it’s a lot! I have 7… is 7 a lot of jackets to own? Well, that’s how many I have post closet purge! As I said I am not going full on capsule wardrobe at this time, just minimizing what I have and only keeping items I truly love to wear.

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So, lets take a look at the 7 jackets that made the cut. As you can see there is absolutely no pop of colour in my jacket wardrobe. Lol. That’s okay with me though, I really am a basic girl when it comes to my style, I love having simple and classic items that pair well with anything and everything.

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Jacket 1. The Neelam Jacket by Wilfred Free (from Aritzia) I am OBSESSED with this jacket. First of all its striped…so duh. Secondly its just shades of grey…double duh. It really is an ideal jacket for me. It’s a sweater style jacket that is great for layering, and I have found myself gravitating towards it all winter long. Definitely not on the colder Alberta days though as it’s not the warmest, but it’s definitely one of the cutest!

2. Mackage Florica Jacket (from Artizia) Okay guys, these jackets are an investment. ($$$) but they honestly will last you forever, and they just look better the more you wear them. I previously owned a different Mackage leather jacket for 9 years, and it still looks brand new today. A classic black moto style jacket is such a staple for me, so easy to throw over a tee shirt and jeans, or a dress. Love love love.

3. Levi’s Boyfriend Jacket (from Aritzia) sensing a theme? Yes Artizia is my all time favourite store. If they sold shoes and pyjamas I could probably just shop there for the rest of my life. The thing I love the most about this denim jacket is the length, so often I find womens denim jackets are cropped, and I just wasn’t feeling that look anymore. I was really happy to find a denim jacket that isn’t cropped, and I will be rocking it all spring and summer long!

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4. Zara Bomber. I was on the hunt for awhile for the perfect oversized black bomber, but wasn’t having too much luck. I ended up purchasing this bomber from Zara, and just sizing up to a Large (from a small) and it is exactly what I was hoping for. I love wearing it a lot, great for spring and fall!

5. Talula Trooper Jacket (from Artizia) a.k.a. the jacket every girl has… But, I think that’s just because it’s such a cute lightweight jacket, and very easy to style!


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6. Burberry Coat. I have owned this coat for almost 7 years, so I am not even sure what the exact style is. I highly recommend investing in a classic black dressy coat, if you get a good one it will last you and last you. Very easy to style, you can dress it up or down, it’s the definition of a classic coat. Because I live where it’s freezing most of the year I’d say this is my most worn jacket!

7.Community Parka (from Artizia) Lastly, when you live in Canada a parka is essential. I absolutely love this green one by Community, it’s warm but not too bulky, and the green is the kind of green that just goes with any other colour. I get a ton of use out of this jacket!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetSo, there it is! My jacket wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love if in the comments you told me some of your favourite jacket styles to own and if you think there is something lacking in mine! I feel like maybe I could do with one fun statement jacket… but, we’ll see. I’m just such a plain person you guys!

I do want to mention also that With Stripes is going to be getting a make over! Soon my blog is going to have a new website and I am very very excited! I apologize in advance if there isn’t a post for the next little while, while we are busy getting the new site made up. It will be well worth it though!!

Thanks for reading โค


Beauty Bars of Soap | Scenterra Soap

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On the regular I am a shower gel kind of gal. Not for any reason in particular it just seems to be what I gravitate towards! I have my favourites, and I tend to get stuck in a routine with things! When I was younger though I use to always use bar soap, and I really did like it except I did find it was hard to find one that didn’t completely dry your skin out. Well, these beauties from Scenterra Soap definitely do not dry you out, in fact I have found them to be very moisturizing, and I’ve enjoyed going back to an old routine with these bar soaps!

The lovely Madi from Scenterra Soaps sent me these two bars and I’ve been loooooooving them. Firstly because they smell amazing, I have the ground and the awaken, the ground smells ofย mint, and the awaken smells of lavender and sage and basically like the most amazing spa ever. They are very moisturizing to the skin and are completely toxin free. Winner winner!

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Ground: I think this one is my personal favourite of the two, mint is one of my all time favourite scents and when you use this one it has little bits in it that act as an exfoliant. Plus it looks beautiful sitting on the edge of your bath!

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Awaken: I think we can all just agree this little buddha is very adorable! I love how this one smells as well, and I’ve been using it a lot on my legs before shaving and it has been working amazing for that.

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Click here to learn more about Madi and all her soaps that are good for you and the earth! She has 5 adorable soaps to choose from, and I may just have to try a couple more when I am through with these two!

Let’s chat in the comments about what some of your favourite toxin free beauty products are! And also, are you a bar soap or shower gel person? Tell me, because I’m nosey. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for reading, guys!

soaps c/o: Scenterra Soaps

Rock Tee + An Oversized Bomber

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As you know from my last post I have been working on minimizing my wardrobe as well as hunting for the perfect basic pieces! On my list of items I felt were missing from my closet were a oversized black bomber jacket, and a soft worn looking rock tee shirt. I have found both! Yay!!

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The tee shirt I found at The Bay, in the mens section. Don’t forget to check the mens section ladies, sometimes you find the best things in there! And the bomber is a Zara find. I actually bought it in a size large and I am normally a small, so as you can see they must fit on the smaller side,ย because it is over sized on me but definitely not huge!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, my style is on the very casual side these days! Mom life, am I right? But, I still enjoy sharing bits of my everyday style with you all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for reading.

Tackling Anxiety + Making Some Money |Simplify Series

Hi my lovely blog friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed that I am selling a TON of clothes and accessories on @shopwithstripescloset. I normally tend to clean my closet out a couple of times a year, and then I normally just allow my friends to pick through what they want to take and donate the rest. While I still think that is a good thing to do, obviously, this time I decided to take a different approach and try to sell my things. I would say I am pretty good at laundry and just keeping clothes in generally good condition, so I thought they were worth re-selling!

I spent one day emptying my closet and drawers of all the things I hardly wear, have worn too much, or the dreaded NEVER worn. After that I snapped some pictures of all the items, posted them on Instagarm, and my little #shopmycloset project was rolling! It blew my mind, for a couple reasons, one being that I could actually make a decent amount of $$$ selling my things for cheap prices, two that I could feel my anxiety lifting away with each item leaving my house. Now if you know me well you know that I am a very anxious person, it’s been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. I don’t have full blown anxiety attacks on the regular, but I am no stranger to them. I do feel like I am in a much better place in my life when it comes to anxiety, but there is always room to grow. The joy I felt being able to sell my things to people who would love them for an affordableย cost, while clearing all this space in my closet and mind was amazing.

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With the success of the sale, that’s still going on shop here, and the anxiety free feelings it is leaving me with, I am inspired to start a new mini-series here on the blog! Welcome to the Simplify Series, I am going to continue to purge and minimize my wardrobe and other areas of my life and I want to bring you along with me! This will also be like a journal to myself as I go through this journey, but I of course want to share with you, and learn from you as well!

I don’t think I am going to go right into a capsule wardrobe, but I am definitely minimizing my closet by more then half. I thought it would be fun to share each section as I minimize and also look for the pieces I feel are lacking from my wardrobe. The first post is going to be on jackets, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Have any of you tried a capsule wardrobe? Or just living with less in general? I’d love to hear what has and hasn’t worked for you.ย I’m feeling so inspired over here!!!

Travelling With Little Ones

Now I am not expert, so take this blog post with that in mind!

Adam and I have always loved travelling, it has always been a big part of our relationship, so it’s of course something we still want to continue with little Grey. The first time we flew with Greyson I was NERVOUS, what if he screams the whole flight, what if has an accident if you know what I mean…


what if other people on the flight get mad at me because he’s crying. I have a seriously bad case of wanting to please everyone, so the thought of making anyone mad even people I don’t know terrifies me. Now he’s only 6 months old (almost) but tomorrow we will be going on our 7th flight with him, so we are gaining a little experience! I thought I’d share with you all my tips (so far) on flying with little ones, and also leave the comments open for you to share your advice with us!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetTravelling with a baby:

Baby wearing! Is amazing. The first time we flew we used our Solly Baby Wrap, and this last time we used a carrier that a friend lent us. It makes it soooo much nicer to have your hands free to carry your bag, passport, ticket, and starbucks…duh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Make sure you have an extra outfit, as always!

Tell the airline company before hand that you are coming with a baby, it is free to fly with them until they are 2 however, they do still need their own boarding passes. It’s also nice to ask any questions about rules regarding stuff like bringing bottles on the plane etc.

Bring a variety of things to entertain them on the plane. We always have brought 3 or 4 different toys so if one seems to not be doing the trick anymore you can switch it up!

Try to feed your baby as you are taking off and landing. Whether that’s nursing or bottles, the sucking motion helps their little ears from hurting too bad!

If you are travelling with another adult, make sure you take turns holding your baby so they get to move around a little, and you can have a small break if things aren’t going so well. Lean on one another!

Try not to get too stressed if they do cry a little. I know, it is really annoying to others around you, especially people who aren’t really crazy about babies! Which is totally fine, it’s not for everyone! But, if you get stressed it can make everything feel way worse, and babies pick up on your stress! Our last flight Grey did really well, but there was about five-ten minutes where he was fussing pretty bad, and the woman in front was giving me all the death glares and I got so stressed! However it wasn’t until I relaxed that I was able to comfort him. So, just do your best! A crying baby does not equal bad parenting. Sometimes babies cry.

Be at your gate as early as you can, they usually let you board the plane first if you have a baby so you have the extra time to set up! Take that time!

What are your guys thoughts on travelling with your baby? What have your found that works, and doesn’t work? Lets chat in the comments, us moms need to be here for each other!

Also, sorry to any non-baby people that get annoyed on these flights. I totally feel you, and I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I think we are all just trying to do our best while still doing fun things like travelling with our little guys!

Thanks for reading as always!


Happy Skin!

Well, Sunday Riley has done it again. I think we should just go ahead and name them my favourite skin care brand. Okay, it’s official. We are in a verrrry committed relationship and it just keeps growing stronger! By stronger I mean even more products to love.

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I was in need of a new day time moisturizer and when I saw Sunday Riley came out with C.E.O. moisturizer I was very excited to try it. In the morning I was my face with the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser and one of the things I love about it (besides how well it cleans and gently exfoliates) is that it smells like fresh oranges! Well guess what, so does this new moisturizer! Match made in heaven. โค Something about oranges feel so refreshing in the morning and really helps wake you up! Greyson likes 6 or 7 am wake ups and to be honest I’m not the best morning person, so I’ll take all the help I can get!

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It is a little thicker then I normally would apply for a morning moisturizer but it honestly soaks in so well and quick and I’ve had zero issues applying my make up over the top.

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This is definitely a new favourite for me, so happy to add it to my skin care routine! Have any of you tried out this product, or any other new skin care finds? Let me know in the comments!

tee: brandy melville