Glasses are some of my favourite accessories! When I was younger I use to wish so badly that I needed glasses just so I could have them for style reasons… not kidding. Now that I am older and do need glasses though, everyone seems to be rocking fake ones anyways?! Where was that trend 15 years ago people?

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I have a super light prescription and mostly use my glasses for screen time so that I don’t end up with massive headaches! That being said since I do love the look of them I do end up wearing them all day sometimes, just for fashion. πŸ˜‰ Or you know when make-up seems like too much effort. #momlife

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I recently visited Doctors Eye Care located in Sherwood Park to get hooked up with some new frames, and I am obsessed! They seriously had so many awesome choices that I think I might have to go back soon to get another pair…

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I had such a hard time choosing frames but ended up going with this Gucci pair, and I am loving them so much! They were also able to add a special coating to them specifically for screen time that I have been finding so useful when I am working or watching tv.

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The service was amazing and with all the new and trendy frames they offer I would highly recommend checking them out next time you are in need of some new glasses, or just want multiple options like me.

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I hope you guys have been having a great week so far, we are at 32 weeks if you are curious about my pregnancy! Getting more and more excited to meet this baby girl of ours. Thank you for reading!


what I’m wearing:

zara toque | gucci glasses c/o doctors eye care | levis jacket | lego heritage maternity shirt | top shop maternity jeans | hunter boots



You guys my chocolate cravings are REAL lately. Or basically just a craving for anything that is bad for me. Give me all the baked goods, you know? So, I have been trying to make some healthier versions of baking so I don’t feel quite as guilty when I am indulging in one. The other morning I whipped together these banana chocolate chip muffins, and I half followed a recipe I found on google and half just made it up because I didn’t have all the ingredients any of the recipes called for. They turned out delicious, and didn’t last too long in our house. πŸ˜‰ I also thought I’d share it with you guys because I did a poll on my Instagram story the other day asking if people wanted to see mostly style posts or mostly lifestyle/mom life type posts, and lifestyle/mom life won by 79%, so here is a post that is more in that direction. I hope you enjoy! If you have any healthy baking recipes I’d love to hear them!

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3 cups of quick oats

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 eggs

1/4 cup of honey or agave

2 bananas

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

1 cup of almond milk

1/4 of coconut oil

Chocolate chips…I always just eye ball this part. Never too many. πŸ˜‰

Baking Directions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease your muffin pan!

Combine the oats, brown sugar, salt and cinnamon in a bowl.

Combine the eggs, honey, bananas, vanilla, almond milk and coconut oil.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

Mix in the chocolate chips!

Evenly distribute the batter into your muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes!

Let muffins cool before removing them from the tin, and enjoy!




Being pregnant for the second time in two years has been quite the journey so far! But, in the very best way. I get asked quite often from people if this pregnancy feels any different to Greyson’s or if I feel different this time around, so I thought we could have a little pregnancy chat!

This time I do feel different, but I also have been doing things slightly differently and healthier this time around! I say slightly, because we’ll talk about my constant chocolate cravings in a minute.

Processed with VSCO with n1 presetWhen I was pregnant with Greyson I was working full time, and I just think in general I let things like my diet and how much exercise I got slide because by the time I got home from work pregnancy was kicking my butt and all I wanted to do was sleep. Now don’t get me wrong I do not eat healthy food 100% of the time, if you watch my Instagram stories then you are well aware of that fact! However, this time I have been consciously thinking more about what I am putting into my body, especially when I am eating at home. For me I figure if I eat mostly healthy foods at home then I won’t be feeling so bad when I go out with friends, or want to have some treats! Now that’s just for me, I have no desire to tell you or anyone what they should and shouldn’t do, everyone has to find what works for them! And like I said I am no where near perfect in this department. As for exercise, this is something I NEVER did when I was pregnant last time, yes I know that’s bad! This time around I have been doing light work outs almost every day (I take Sunday’s off normally) and it has made all the difference! It is crazy what 10 minutes of exercise every morning can do for you, I feel a million times better then in my last pregnancy and it’s definitely helped me to gain weight more slow and steady. Besides the 10 minute work outs I mostly just get exercise from walking everyday, and carrying my 25 pound one year old around all day. πŸ˜‰ I have been loving how I feel since adding this to my daily routine, and it’s something I plan to continue post birth as well!

* Now, I think I’ve mentioned this before but if you are planning on working out with your pregnant you should consult with your doctor or midwife and be sure you are doing work outs that are safe to do when pregnant!

Let’s discuss those cravings now! Β I don’t remember craving specific foods with Greyson, so at the time I kind of felt like it was a myth. All I know is when I was pregnant with him all food tasted AMAZING and I was hungry 24/7. This time isn’t like that, I don’t feel as hungry as last time, however I do have specific cravings! Sadly all for sugar. Lol! Pretty much every evening I crave dark chocolate, so badly! It feels weird for me to crave one thing so specific, and especially chocolate because normally I am more of a candy person then a chocolate person. The craving is real though, and while I don’t have chocolate every single night, I totally could! Does craving chocolate this bad say anything weird or cool about my pregnancy?? If you know tell me in the comments. Or tell me what your food cravings are!

As for everything else, I do feel more nervous this time about the actual giving birth then I did last time. Last time I think I was just naive I was not scared at all, and had some weird confidence going into the delivery that was quickly shaken when I realized how hard and painful giving birth really is! I don’t say that to scare you, it’s 100000% worth it, and it is only temporary, but I am just saying that I was in shock by how different it was then I had anticipated. That being said even though I am nervous, I think I am more excited for the newborn phase this time because I have a little bit (key word, little) of an idea what the heck I am doing. I just remember how special that time was with Greyson, and I miss it so badly that I am so beyond excited to experience it with our baby girl. This time hopefully a little less stressed and more confident and ready to just enjoy those sweet moments.

That’s all I have for this evening, but before I end this post I did want to ask to you readers what kind of posts you’d like to see on here? Do you like it to be mostly just stye posts or would you prefer more personal posts and stuff to do with our little O’Brien fam? I’d so appreciate the feedback in the comments. πŸ™‚



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I’ve been seeing SO MANY checkered coats on Instagram and Youtube these days that I was starting to feel a little left out. Just kidding! But, I was inspired to shop this trend for myself. As I am sure you have noticed if you do follow me online I do have a very simple style. I like the odd statement piece here and there, but for the most part I am a very casual dresser. That’s why I think I am loving this trend so much because it feels a little different then my normal coat, but not too out there. Perfecto!

I picked up this little number at Zara, but they are literally EVERYWHERE this season. Both is coat and blazers. If you are thinking of shopping for one yourself I would recommend Zara, ASOS, or Top Shop! I have worn mine several times already and find you can pair it with just about anything, on this particular day I had paired it with my maternity jeans and a cozy turtleneck. It was Thanksgiving so I needed my comfy and stretchy attire. πŸ˜‰

What trends are you all loving and trying out this fall? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


what I’m wearing:

zara coat | aritzia turtleneck | topshop maternity jeansΒ 
| steve madden slide onsΒ 



So, when I was away in Arizona it snowed at home in Alberta, now I am back and it’s hot AGAIN! I feel like the cold weather is avoiding me, and I am probably one of the only crazy people who is like BRING ON THE COLD!!! When the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are boiling it can be hard to get dressed, so that is where pieces that are easily layered come in handy.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This little striped number from PinkBlush is one of those perfect layering pieces, you could easily pair it with tights and a leather jacket, but it’s so nice and lightweight for those warm afternoons. Plus grey and white stripes…need I say more?

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When I took these photos we were in the midst of the heated afternoon so I went with just the dress and a pair of ankle booties which I loved paired together! Cute maternity dresses are always the comfiest choice over those growing bumps too, right ladies?!

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The lovely people at PinkBlush want to offer one of you lovely people the chance to get your hands on some of their clothes too! We have a $75.00 gift card that could have your name on it! All you have to do is go to my instagram (@withstripes) give me a follow and comment on the giveaway post! I will be DMing the winner next Friday October 13 (spooky ;)) to let you know that you have won. PinkBlush has a ton of clothes that are great for us preggo’s but they also have lot’s of non-maternity wear to choose from as well. (I think the dress I’m styling would look great on someone not pregnant also)

What kind of weather are you guys experiencing? Are you a cold weather loving weirdo like me, or the exact opposite? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading as always!


what I’m wearing:

striped dress c/o PinkBlush



saturday morning:

zara long sleeved top | top shop maternity jeans | steve madden shoes | chloe bag


saturday afternoon:

zara tee |garage shorts (non maternity) | ray ban sunnies | chloe bag


sunday evening:

(post football game, don’t have any good pictures in my Cardinals jersey so you can just imagine that stylish look πŸ˜‰ )

target maternity tank top | top shop maternity jeans


monday morning:

artizia tank top | garage shorts | poppy barley bag | call it spring sandals


monday afternoon:

artizia button up | target bikini


monday evening:

target maternity tank top | top shop maternity jeans

We had such a short and sweet getaway to Phoenix over the weekend! I felt very lucky for the getaway with Adam, but we are both happy to be back home with Greyson, and I am personally stoked to be back in the cooler weather!




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It would come as no surprise to you that this is my current favourite jacket that I own. Grey on grey, and striped! DREAM! I got it last year from Artitzia, but they have similar style in stock this season as well. πŸ™‚

It’s an excellent layering piece, and on these days where’s its cool but not cold it’s been the perfect jacket to throw on!

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ALSO, how much are we all loving the fall drinks at starbucks?! Basic, and proud of it over here. My go to is a decaf american with two pumps of pumpkin syrup, or a soy chai tea latte two pumps of chai two pumps of pumpkin syrup. Yum! What are your favourite fall drinks/treats?! Let me know in the comments.

P.S. if you noticed I have two different colors of coffee cups in these photos… you are right and it was one of those days lol


what I’m wearing:

aritzia jacket | lego heritage sweatshirt | top shop maternity jeans | call it spring booties